This memorial page was created by the Bloomfield Information Project to remember the names and stories of those our community has lost to COVID-19. This page and the stories on it will also be archived.

You can contribute to this memorial by sharing the story of someone you know who has died from the virus. Click here to answer a few questions and add their name to this memorial and historical archive.

Those Lost

William Paul Ricigliano, 63, of Lincoln Park

“Bill’s brother, Vincent, wrote that residents remembered Bill as a friendly and generous man…’Seeing and feeling the effect of Bill’s legacy is heartwarming and inspiring.’”

Louis Rocco Raimondi, 86, of Bloomfield

“Louis loved his family and was well-loved in return by many who met him, according to his daughter, Lisa. When he was younger, ‘he was known for being the first to reach out to anyone who needed help.’”

Joan R. White, 67, of Bloomfield

“Joan was cautious with her love, according to her sister, Carol, but ‘once she was your friend, it was forever and she’d move heaven and earth to help if you needed it.’”