Bloomfield to conduct survey to identify properties that may be designated as local historic sites

In a continued effort to honor and preserve the historic
character of Bloomfield, the Mayor, Town Council and Historic Preservation
Commission are beginning a survey of historic resources in the township.
The survey, which has been contracted to Richard Grubb and Associates
(RGA), will identify properties that have a significant architectural,
cultural and historic value that can be designated as local historic sites.

“Protecting the historic charm of our incredible community while
proactively searching for additional properties that we can protect is
something that the Council and myself have prioritized,” said Mayor Venezia.
“It is my hope that this survey will identify properties that we can add to
our inventory of historic sites which is already very robust. I am grateful
for the hard work that the Historic Preservation Commision puts in to make
all of this possible.”

Through the Summer and Fall, residents may see RGA staff in their
neighborhood photographing properties from the sidewalk or public
right-of-way to gather information to include in the field survey. All RGA
vehicles are marked with the RGA logo and RGA staff will not enter private
property without permission. The findings of the survey will be made
available to the public at the completion of the survey.

“I’ve always been impressed with how much pride Bloomfield residents have
in the historic character of our town,” said Councilman and Liaison to the
Historic Preservation Commision Rich Rockwell. “We’re fortunate to have a
historic district that has been on the state and national registers of
historic sites since 1978, but we also have many properties outside the
Historic District that are worthy of recognition and preservation. We’re
excited to be surveying other areas of town for sites to be added to our
historic inventory to give them the recognition and protection they
deserve. As Liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission, I’m proud to
be spearheading this survey.”

If you have any questions about the survey, or if you wish to share
information about the history of your property, please contact Bonnie
Flynn, Planning Director at [email protected] or 973-680-4192.