This is a press release from Essex County. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. announced the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority has awarded Essex County two grants totaling $46 million grant to modernize and update 54 intersections in nine Essex County municipalities on Monday, March 13th. The two grants – for 24,830,00 and $21,735,000 for a total of $46.565 million – is the largest safety-oriented award ever given by the NJTPA through its Local Safety Program.

“”The NJTPA plays an important role, overseeing the investment of billions of dollars in our region’s transportation infrastructure and virtually all projects are designed with safety as a top priority. Receiving the largest safety grant ever awarded by the authority and the improvements that it will support represent a great investment in our ongoing initiative to enhance the safety of our pedestrians and motorists,” DiVincenzo said. “Our county roads are the lifeline for our residents and businesses, and making sure we have the most up to date equipment will make our roads more walkable and drivable, contribute to our quality of life and enhance property values,” he added.

The needs of each intersection will be addressed. This includes, but is not limited to, new state-of-the-art traffic signal equipment, LED lights which shine brighter and are more energy efficient, new signage and roadway striping, back-up power to ensure signals begin working if there is an electrical failure, and a camera system to enable traffic signals along shared corridors to be synchronized to maximize traffic flow.

The award of the grant allows Essex County to hire traffic engineers to review each intersection and create plans to upgrade them. Construction will commence after each plan is finalized.

The roadways where intersections are being upgraded include Bloomfield Avenue traveling through Newark, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge, Ridgewood Avenue in Glen Ridge, Grove Street in East Orange, Newark and Irvington, Irvington Avenue in South Orange and Newark, and Clinton Avenue in Irvington. The breakdown of intersections in each municipality is as follows: There are 17 intersections in Newark, 13 intersections in Irvington, 10 intersections in East Orange, five intersections in Bloomfield, five intersections in Glen Ridge, two in South Orange, one in Maplewood and one that includes Newark and Belleville.

The intersections are as follows:

1. Bloomfield Avenue & Broadway / Bloomfield Place, Newark

2. Bloomfield Avenue & Park Avenue / Crittenden Street, Newark

3. Bloomfield Avenue & Summer Avenue, Newark

4. Bloomfield Avenue & Garside Street, Newark

5. Bloomfield Avenue & Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark

6. Bloomfield Avenue & Clifton Street, Newark

7. Bloomfield Avenue & Parker Street, Newark

8. Bloomfield Avenue & Lake Street, Newark

9. Bloomfield Avenue & North 3rd Street, Newark

10. Bloomfield Avenue & 5th Street / 1st Avenue, Newark

11. Bloomfield Avenue & North 6th Street, Newark

12. Bloomfield Avenue & Roseville Avenue / North 8th Street, Newark

13. Bloomfield Avenue & Beardsley Avenue / North 11th Street, Newark

14. Bloomfield Avenue & North 12th Street, Newark

15. Bloomfield Avenue & Belmont Avenue / North 15th Street, Newark / Belleville

16. Bloomfield Avenue & Ampere Parkway, Bloomfield

17. Bloomfield Avenue & Watsessing Avenue, Bloomfield

18. Bloomfield Avenue & Ella Street, Bloomfield

19. Bloomfield Avenue & Ward Street, Bloomfield

20. Bloomfield Avenue & Liberty Street, Bloomfield

21. Bloomfield Avenue & Park Avenue / Hillside Avenue, Glen Ridge

22. Bloomfield Avenue & Highland Avenue, Glen Ridge

23. Ridgewood Avenue & Bloomfield Avenue, Glen Ridge

24. Ridgewood Avenue & Belleville Avenue, Glen Ridge

25. Ridgewood Avenue & Bay Avenue, Glen Ridge

26. North Grove Street & Hoffman Blvd., East Orange

27. North Grove Street & Rutledge Avenue, East Orange

28. North Grove Street & Springdale Avenue, East Orange

29. North Grove Street & 4th Avenue, East Orange

30. North Grove Street & Park Avenue, East Orange

31. North Grove Street & William Street, East Orange

32. Grove Street & Main Street / Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., East Orange

33. South Grove Street & Sussex Avenue, East Orange

34. South Grove Street & Winthrop Terrace, East Orange

35. South Grove Street & Central Avenue, East Orange

36. Grove Street & South Orange Avenue, Newark

37. Grove Street & 14th Avenue, Irvington

38. Grove Street & 15th Avenue, Irvington

39. Grove Street & 16th Avenue, Irvington

40. Grove Street & 18th Avenue, Irvington

41. Grove Street & Berkley Terrace, Irvington

42. Grove Street & Clinton Avenue, Irvington

43. Grove Street & Nye Avenue, Irvington

44. Irvington Avenue & Riggs Place / Tichenor Avenue, South Orange

45. Irvington Avenue & Ward Place, South Orange

46. Irvington Avenue & Boyden Avenue / Manor Drive, Newark

47. Irvington Avenue & Putnam Street / Norman Road, Newark

48. Irvington Avenue & Parker Avenue / Clinton Avenue, Maplewood

49. Clinton Avenue & Florence Avenue, Irvington

50. Clinton Avenue & Sanford Avenue, Irvington

51. Clinton Avenue & Stuyvesant Avenue, Irvington

52. Clinton Avenue & Civic Square, Irvington

53. Clinton Avenue & Orange Avenue, Irvington

54. Clinton Avenue & Cummings Street / New Street, Irvington

The NJTPA oversees regional transportation planning and annually authorizes more than $1 billion in federal surface transportation funding for 13 counties in northern and central New Jersey. The Executive Committee provides guidance and leadership to the full Board on a wide range of planning, policy and administrative issues. It meets as needed to review financial, personnel and policy matters. Board membership is an uncompensated position.