This notice was issued by the Bloomfield Rent Leveling Board and originally printed in Independent Press of Bloomfield on Thursday, October 20, 2022. It was retrieved from the New Jersey Press Association and republished as-is and without line breaks.

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP OF BLOOMFIELD RENT LEVELING BOARD MEETING Be advised that the next meeting of the Bloomfield Township Rent Leveling Board, on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm, shall be held remotely via Zoom. The public is invited to participate by joining via the website link or telephone number below. The Meeting ID is 847 5289 5389 and the Passcode is 669094. or (646) 558 8656 (New York area) During the meeting, the Board will consider the vacancy decontrol applications for the following units: a. 88 Monroe Place, Apt. 405 b. 88 Monroe Place, Apt. 304 c. 11-15 Henry Street, Apt. 13A If you have any questions, please contact the Rent Leveling Board – (973) 680-4192 or email to [email protected] before the meeting. E114633 BIP October 20, 2022 ($10.80) ESSEX COUNTY O-2022-00014 COUNTY OF ESSEX, NEW JERSEY NOTICE OF PENDING BOND ORDINANCE The bond ordinance, the summary terms of which are included herein, was introduced and passed upon first reading at a meeting of the governing body of the County of Essex, State of New Jersey, on October 12, 2022. It will be further considered for final passage, after public hearing thereon, at a meeting of the governing body to be held at the County Hall of Records, Room 506, 465 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Newark, New Jersey on November 2, 2022 at 5:00 oclock PM. During the week prior to and up to and including the date of such meeting copies of the full ordinance will be available at no cost and during regular business hours, at the Clerks office for the members of the general public who shall request the same. The summary of the terms of such bond ordinance follows: Title: Bond Ordinance Providing For Various Capital Equipment And Improvements For The Essex County College, In And By The County Of Essex, New Jersey, Appropriating $1,000,000 Therefor And Authorizing The Issuance Of $1,000,000 Bonds Or Notes Of The County For Financing Such Appropriation Purpose(s): Various capital equipment and improvements to the Essex County College, consisting of equipment, furniture and fixtures for its laboratories, classrooms, offices and facilities. Appropriation: $1,000,000 Bonds/Notes Authorized: $1,000,000 Grants (if any) Appropriated: None Section 20 Costs: $200,000 Useful Life: 15 years Deborah Davis Ford, Clerk This Notice is published pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:2-17. E114718 WCN October 20, 2022 ($38.88)