It’s been 28 months since the Bloomfield Information Project launched at the start of the pandemic. Along the way, we’ve taken short, strategic breaks to recalibrate our work. This year the pause is even more meaningful – as we enter our second year with staff.

We will pause publishing the Daily Bulletin, our daily newsletter, until Sep. 19. We’ll take this time to make critical improvements to our news products, develop our strategic plan for the coming year, and give our team some dedicated time off from daily production.

Since our launch, we’ve produced more than 500 editions of the Daily Bulletin, delivering thousands of pieces of critical local news and information to hundreds of households. As of August 2022, nearly 1,000 people subscribe to the Daily Bulletin. Approximately half open the newsletter daily.

And our organization has drawn attention. Last year, Bloomfield Info founder Simon Galperin received a JSK Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University to develop the organization. We’ve received philanthropic support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium in addition to the more than 100 community members who donate to support our work.

And we’re bringing our community with us. Not only by centering the needs of residents but by getting them involved in serving their neighbors. Earlier this year, we held our first community reporter training, recruiting and paying residents to document public meetings, conduct interviews, and write explainers on local questions.

We’ll host another training in early 2023 and are looking forward to sharing more about that and our other plans later this year.

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