This is a press release from B’nai Keshet. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

As Congress considers passing the first major climate legislation in US history, local faith leaders and concerned families will gather outside the Armed Forces Career Center in Bloomfield at 539 Bloomfield Ave. in Bloomfield at 6 p.m. to call on President Biden to be the Commander-in-Chief we need for the climate crisis.

With prayer and song, the group will urge passers-by to call the White House and ask the President to help us reach climate safety by declaring a climate emergency, halting subsidies and permits for new fossil fuel projects, and supporting real, community-based renewable energy solutions.

Leaders and members from B’nai Keshet, First Congregational Church, Union Congregational Church will join local climate activists and concerned families for this action.

This event is one of many around the country called for by People Vs Fossil Fuels, a coalition of groups pushing for greater executive action on the climate crisis.