This is a press release from Bloomfield Township. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

The Township is asking residents to mark June 18 on their calendars as that is the day that Juneteenth will be celebrated in the Bloomfield Center. The Township has additionally created a Bloomfield Juneteenth Holiday Advisory Committee led by Councilwoman Sarah Cruz.

“Juneteenth is an important holiday in which we celebrate the emancipation of slaves following the Civil War. Councilwoman Cruz and the Juneteenth Committee are doing important work to educate and inform the community about the origins of this day,” said Mayor Venezia. “Please save the date and join us for a celebration on June 18 in the Bloomfield Center.”

Mayor Venezia and the Town Council read a proclamation recognizing the work of Bloomfield residents for the first official Juneteenth celebration in Bloomfield in honor of Black History Month at the February 28 council meeting. Those residents’ names were: Medina Wingo, Diamond Wyche and Kasey Dudley.

“On June 18, our Township will come together in celebration of the Juneteenth holiday but before that day, the Juneteenth Committee will be working diligently to make it a special day,” said Councilwoman Sarah Cruz. “The Bloomfield Juneteenth Committee is currently in the process of going through committee applications and I am grateful to everyone that has shown such a strong interest over the last several weeks.”

Residents who would like to join the Juneteenth Committee should send a statement of interest with a resume to Councilwoman Sarah Cruz at [email protected] by April 1.