This is a press release from Bloomfield Township. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

New polling locations have been released by Bloomfield Municipal Clerk Louise Palagano and have been approved by the town council for Ward 2 District 12 and Ward 1 District 12. For residents in Ward 2 District 12, their polling location will be at Demarest School, 465 Broughton Avenue. For residents in Ward 1 District 12, their polling location will be at the Library Theatre (Children’s Library), 90 Broad Street.

“As a result of the once every decade census, there have been changes made to the composition of some of our wards,” said Mayor Venezia. “These changes mean that for some residents, polling locations and council representatives may be different for you. Please be aware of these changes so that you are prepared to vote in the next election.”

All registered voters in these two districts, will officially be receiving notification by postcard from the Essex County Board of Elections making them aware of their new district and new polling location prior to the June 7th Primary Election.

“For residents in Ward 1 District 12, your polling location will now be at our Children’s Library. It is important that everyone keep an eye out for their sample ballot and that you know where you can cast your ballot,” said Councilwoman Jenny Mundell. “If you have any questions please reach out to either our Municipal Clerk’s Office or myself.”

“As changes to our ward maps have been completed, some residents will now have new polling locations to go along with this change,” said Councilman Joanow. “For residents in Ward 2 District 12, this change means that you will be voting at Demarest School if you choose to vote in person.”

Polling locations are always in writing on the front of everyone’s sample ballot.

If there is a question of where any voter is to vote in Bloomfield, the Municipal Clerk’s Office is always readily available to answer that question and give the voter the information they are requesting at 973-680-4015 during regular business hours 8:30am-4:30pm.