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The Bloomfield Fire Department continued its efforts to continually train members by participating in a firefighter success workshop over the past week. In their workshop, “10 Biggest Mistakes Firefighters Make With Their Fitness,” Chief Dan Kerrigan and Captain Jim Moss share how firefighters of all fitness levels can successfully overcome the most common obstacles to improving their fitness.

“The Bloomfield Fire Department is continuing to find innovative ways to train its members and ensure that they are prepared for any situation they may encounter,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Bloomfield families are safer as a result of our terrific first responders that work hard for us every single day.”

The instructors help firefighters boost their motivation, navigate sensible nutrition & hydration, and take a practical approach to their functional fitness. Blending classroom discussion and hands-on fitness exercises, firefighters learn a comprehensive approach to improving their fireground performance and career longevity.

“Our members are some of the most well trained and prepared firefighters in the region and we will continue to make useful training a priority for our personnel,” said Chief Lou Venezia. “It is imperative that not only the public is safe but that our members are safe and ready for whatever may happen in the field.”

The firefighter success workshop helps firefighters achieve excellence in their careers and personal lives through 20 core leadership principles. Based on the bestselling book, “Firefighter Success: 20 C’s to Firefighter Excellence,” author and Captain Jim Moss coaches firefighters of all ranks on being the best that they can be. Topics include character, competence, commitment, credibility, communication, compassion, and more. Firefighters learn how to lead themselves, maximize and achieve their potential, and leave a lasting legacy that will positively impact others.