This is a press release from Bloomfield Township. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

According to Municipal Ordinance 491-5 and state law, this is a reminder that all businesses and institutions are required to recycle. Therefore, as the property owner or owner/operator/manager of a business, institution or multi-family dwelling, you must ensure that a recycling program is in place.

“In Bloomfield, we try our best to do our part to ensure that our township is environmentally conscious and that includes making sure that the community recycles,” said Mayor Venezia. “Small businesses are critical to our town and it is important that they follow all recycling rules. I am asking that businesses that have not yet established a recycling program to do so as soon as possible and to remember to submit recycling amounts to our Recycling Coordinator.”

Each year, as required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) recycling regulations, N.J.A.C. 7:26A-10.3, and the township Municipal Recycling Ordinance, all businesses, institutions and multi-family dwellings must report the prior year’s amount (usually in pounds or tons) of each recycled material to the Municipal Recycling Coordinator prior to March 1 of each year.

Failure to establish a recycling program and/or submit recycling amounts may result in a monetary penalty.

Please email Louise Palagano, Recycling Coordinator, at [email protected] all the material recycled by your business in 2020. This report needs to be returned to her by March 31, 2021.

Recycled materials include: Corrugated, Mixed Office Paper, Newspaper, Other Paper/Magazines/Junk Mail, Glass Containers, Aluminum Containers, Steel Containers, Plastic Containers, Heavy Iron, NonFerrous/Aluminum Scrap. White Goods & Light Iron, Anti-Freeze, Batteries (Automobile), Automobile Scrap, Tires, Used Motor Oil, Brush/Tree Parts, Glass Clippings, Leaves, Stumps, Consumer Electronics, Concrete/Asphalt/Brick/Block, Food Waste, Other Material Not Listed, Batteries (Dry Cell), Other Glass, Other Plastic, Oil Contaminated Soil, Process Residue, Textiles, and Wood Scraps.

If you are a commercial property owner with one or more tenants who provide for their own recycling services, and you do not have the information requested, please contact each tenant individually to obtain the mandatory information. If you have a property management company that arranges for the recycling services, please obtain the requested information from the property management company. If you arrange for the collection of recyclable materials directly, contact your recycling company for the requested information.

Local businesses are the backbone of Bloomfield’s recycling program and your cooperation is critical to the success of our recycling goals and initiatives. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Louise Palagano at (973) 259-3162.

Each municipality receives a grant from the NJDEP based on the weight of material recycled each year, so your assistance does make a difference. Please help Bloomfield achieve its mandated recycling goals.