This is a press release from Bloomfield Township. Press releases are official statements that have not been independently verified.

The Bloomfield Municipal Alliance Committee along with the Bloomfield Public Library and Bloomfield Health Department are once again partnering with Rutgers Robert Johnson Wood Medical School for a presentation on opioid overdose prevention. The free March 19 training will take place virtually and all participants will be mailed a naloxone nasal spray.

“Throughout the year we have seen far too many members of our community pass away too soon as a result of COVID-19, but even before the pandemic, we were losing too many to opioid overdoses,” said Mayor Venezia. “It is my hope that these training sessions will provide members of the community with the necessary skills to save lives should they encounter someone that is overdosing. If even one life is saved as a result of this, it will have been a great success.”

The training will go over overdose death prevention strategies including the appropriate administration of naloxone and rescue breathing. To attend, email your name (first & last) as well as your email and mailing address to [email protected] You will be emailed a link to the webinar the day before.