Why does Bloomfield have wards

Bloomfield is governed by a town council that consists of a mayor, three councilpersons elected by all Bloomfield voters, and three councilpersons elected separately by voters in three areas of the township known as wards.

If you want to know who represents you on the town council, figure out which election to vote in, or attend community meetings – you’ll want to know what Bloomfield ward you live in.

What are Bloomfield’s wards

The numerical order of the names does not follow cardinal directions, with the northernmost area of Bloomfield being the Second Ward, currently represented by Councilman Nicholas Joanow.

Just south of the Second Ward is the First, represented by Councilwoman Jenny Mundell.

The southernmost section of the township is the Third Ward, represented by Councilwoman Sarah Cruz.

You can contact Bloomfield councilpersons through the township’s website.

Find your home address on the map below to see the Bloomfield ward in which you live