This notice was issued by the Bloomfield Town Council and originally printed in The Independent Press on 2/4/2021. It was retrieved from the New Jersey Press Association and republished as-is and without line breaks.

BLOOMFIELD INTRODUCED ORDINANCES At a virtual meeting of the Township Council of Bloomfield, County of Essex, New Jersey, on January 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM. prevailing time, the following Ordinance was passed on first reading. The Governing Body introduced the Ordinance. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AND SUPPLEMENT CHAPTER 387 OF THE BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP CODE, PROVIDING PARKING FOR PHYSICALLY LIMITED PERSONS BE IT ORDAINED, by the Mayor and Council of the Township of Bloomfield, County of Essex, State of New Jersey, as follows: Section 1. Chapter 387, entitled: PARKING FOR HANDICAPPED, Section 387-4, Enumeration of restricted parking areas, of the Code of the Township of Bloomfield is hereby amended by the deletion of the following: Evelyn Place, west curb, starting at a point 193 feet west of the westerly curb line of James Street and running 20 feet west there from (Placard #P2057172) Section 2. All ordinances inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect upon final passage and publication in accordance with the law. Notice is hereby given that on the 22nd of February, 2021, at approximately 7:00 PM, prevailing time, the Township Council will hold a Public Hearing and consider the final passage of the foregoing Ordinance. As of the time of this publication, the meeting will be held virtually due to various Executive Orders declared by Gov. Murphy and closed to the general public. Therefore, any comments on the ordinance may be submitted in writing to [email protected] by February 22, 2021 by 6:45 PM or by calling 425-436-6348 Access: 277839# at the start of the meeting. Copies of this Ordinance are posted on the Public Bulletin Board in the Municipal Building, and copies are also on file in the Municipal Clerks Office. By Order of the Township Council. Louise M. Palagano Municipal Clerk E97450 BIP February 4, 2021 ($22.68)