At the end of 2020, 131 people came together to help the Bloomfield Information Project raise more than $25,000 to sustain and expand public service journalism in our community.

Through mostly small, individual donations – the median donation was just $26 – we raised $12,000 from people invested in the success of Bloomfield. They helped us unlock thousands more in matching grants from NewsMatch, a national campaign to support nonprofit news organizations like ours. All told, our Founding Sustainer campaign raised more than $25,000 for local news and civic engagement in Bloomfield.

This support will help us begin expanding our programs. Over the next year, we’ll be hosting small group conversations and events to bring people together to discuss our community’s strengths and opportunities. (Sign up for our daily newsletter or take this survey to get updates.) We’ve already begun a pilot program to learn how we might build a community reporter corps. And we want to work closely with community members to understand how we could better serve Spanish speakers and people experiencing food insecurity.

Through these and other programs, we’ll be working to help people stay informed, get engaged, and build the connections they need to make a better Bloomfield.

But we can’t do any of it without our community’s input. So let us know what news and information you need by completing this five-minute survey. Your responses will guide our work.