The Newark LGBTQ Community Center is calling for police to investigate the death of 26-year-old Ashley Moore, a Black transgender woman who was found dead on a Newark street in April of this year.

According to the Newark LGBTQ Community Center, local police told Moore’s mother, Starlet Carbin, that Moore had likely hit been hit by a car despite a police report obtained by Carbin indicating the presence of strangle marks on her daughter’s neck.

The Center has since stepped in to raise awareness for Moore’s death and the alleged lack of investigation by Newark police, who misgendered Moore in their report. Their GoFundMe seeks to raise $35,000 to support advocacy against violence targeted at the LGTBQ community.

The Center’s call for an investigation into Moore’s death comes amid nationwide anti-racist protests demanding the equitable treatment of Black people by police. Black transgender people have been a particular focus of the protests as they are disproportionately targets of violence by police and non-state actors.

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