As of this writing, Bloomfield has lost at least 49 people to the coronavirus.

We say “at least” because data from the Centers for Disease Control suggests that more people have died from coronavirus than has been reported because of a lack of testing. And, unfortunately, more deaths should be expected as thousands of New Jerseyans remain hospitalized with the virus.

That is all to say that – if you have lost someone to the pandemic – you are not alone. And we want to help you celebrate the life they lived.

Please use the form below to request an obituary for someone Bloomfield lost to COVID-19 or that you suspect was lost to the virus. Once written, it will be made public on our website, available for re-publication, and archived by the Bloomfield Public Library.

We ask that you prepare your submission in coordination with the individual’s surviving family or close friends and acquaintances.

After submitting, you’ll be contacted by us within 1-2 days with an expected completion date and a request for a photograph. Once the obituary has been drafted, we’ll share it with you to make sure there are no factual errors before its published.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach us at [email protected].